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Message from the Dean  

Welcome to the School of Automation Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology!

    Our school was founded in Jan. 2002. It inherits the tradition of the original Department of Automation of SCUT and its culture. Also, the School was initiated with the vision of excellence in the 21st century’s education and research of Automation Science and Engineering in China. Our mission is to conduct frontier research and development to expand the horizon of modern technologies, and to educate our students to become a modern generation of engineers, scientists and technical entrepreneurs.

    The School has a faculty staff of outstanding achievements in the disciplines of control theory and applications, automation technologies and devices, wireless sensor networks, networked control systems, pattern recognition, brain-computer interfaces and brain information processing, system engineering, and their related areas. Our achievements are well recognized by the technical community, particularly in the area of south China. We are devoted to teaching our students and training them to be successful in the modern engineering world. We have in place effective undergraduate programme that is both panoramic (covering core building blocks of today’s engineering system, including electronics, control and computing) and integrative (instilling the know-how to select and tailor technologies to work effectively together in achieving the desired performance.) Our programme is also forward looking. We train traditional control engineers as well as leaders with the visions and insight to look further ahead in a world of ever increasing utilization of automating and interactive machines. With the professors at the forefronts of technology, our students will get the best updated knowledge from global experts. Their education will be highly recognized by worldwide communities. Many on-going industrial projects will also enable our students to gain experience in applying advanced technologies to practical problems.Students graduating from our Automation programme will find career opportunities in research, development and management in the fields of manufacturing, process control, communication, power system, biomedical engineering, aerospace, construction, entertainment, and service engineering. Many of our graduates are already populating influential professional positions as chief engineers, administrators and managers in companies in the Pearl-River Delta area. Some are entrepreneurs who launched their own startup companies. Many employers tend to favor our graduates because of their panoramic and integrative training as well as the flexibility and adaptability they are equipped to perform and excel in face of new circumstances and challenges. Students with interests in academic research may choose to pursue higher degrees at the School or other universities. We are proud to have numerous alumni already serving as professors, research scientists and engineers over China and the world.We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about the School, our professors and their researches, our academic programme, and the exciting opportunities we are offering to our young generation. Those interested are also welcome to visit us at the SCUT campus with the address Office of the School of Automation Science and Engineering, Building No. 3, or call us at 020-87111804. We shall be most happy to talk to you.

Professor Li Yuanqing


School of Automation Science and Engineering

South China University of Technology