AU Lecture - Research Challenges for Smart Mobility
time: 2017-05-16

   On May 11, the academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held on the sixth floor conference room of Building 3. The topic of this lecture was Research Challenges for Smart Mobility. Prof. Wilfried Philips, from Ghent University, Belgium, was invited to this issue as the major guest. The lecture was chaired by Dr. Luo Renbo.

   Before the lecture, Dr. Luo gave a brief introduction to Prof. Philips, who is the senior scholars, tenured professor and the team leader in Image Processing and Interpretation Laboratory of Ghent University. In the lecture, firstly, Prof. Philips introduced some useful information about Ghent University, including the beautiful campus environment, outstanding faculty groups and the information about recruiting PhDs. Then, Prof. Philips described the knowledge of vehicle distance measurement, environment dynamic perception and route planning. In the meantime, he also introduced some related applications, including image recognition and big data analysis for autonomous driving. Finally, Prof. Philips answered the questions patiently and audiences really appreciated it with thunderous applause.

   Students got a detailed understanding about the development trend and current situation about the image processing. They deeply felt the charm of science and technology and learned a lot from this lecture.