AU Lecture - A Sampled-Data Approach to Analysing Complex Networks
time: 2017-04-18

    On April 17, academic lecture of AU organized by the School of Automation Science and Engineering was held on the sixth floor conference room of Building 3. The topic of this lecture was A Sampled-Data Approach to Analysing Complex Networks. Prof. Wang Zidong, from Brunel University, was invited to this issue as the major guest. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Yang Chenguang.

    Before the lecture, Prof. Yang gave a brief introduction to Prof. Wang. In the lecture, firstly, Prof. Wang introduced some useful background of sampled-data synchronization control problem. Then, he addressed the sampled-data synchronization control problem for a class of general complex networks, and deal with the sampled-data filtering problems for two special classes of complex networks – wireless sensor networks and genetic regulatory networks. Prof. Wang also emphasised that sampled-data issue was vitally important for the applications of complex network theory and the sampled-data filtering/control problems, which was interesting yet challenging. In addition, he discussed the theoretical research and engineering applications as well as reported a series of recently published results. What impressed the audience most was that Prof. Wang shared his valuable experience of researching and offered some guidance on selecting suitable research subjects. Finally, Prof. Wang answered the questions patiently and audiences really appreciated it.

    What a beneficial and inspiring lecture!