Lecture:Musical Composition (Professor Ye Guohui ,Shanghai Conservatory of Music )
time: 2018-03-20

Date:2018/3/21 9:00   Lecture Hall, Bldg 11,School of Arts ,College Town Campus

Ye Guohui

Composer, doctor of composition, professor and Head of the Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. His musical language covers a characteristic perception of sounds and their attribute, reflecting the consideration and integration of various factors such as the nature of music itself, space effects, Chinese elements and modern music techniques.

In 1994, his work for mixed chorus won First Prize of “The 4th Composition Competition of Taiwan Provincial Orchestra”; his 1996 work was awarded 1997 “Awards of Symphonic Works for the Return of Hong Kong”; the following won “The 10th Nationwide Musical Works [Symphonic Music] Awards”; and, a 2001 work for voice and symphonic orchestra, won the 2nd prize of 2002 “CCA Taiwan International Composition Competition”; In 2007, He won the European Composer Award, the only Grand Prize for commissioned works of “young.euro.classic festival” in German. As the winner of this Prize, He was especially commissioned the Festival  for Young Euro Classic 2008, which was performed by all the participating orchestras from all over the world, and was highly praised as “fanfare from China” by European media.

Ye has studied as a visiting scholar at Franz Liszt Academy of Music of Hungary; and has been to Darmstadt, and then finished his doctoral dissertation and also a monograph , In 2005, Ye has been invited to GRAME centre national de création musicale Lyon, France for a short term working visit on electronic music. And had a successful premiere of his electronic work at the same time. for Erhu is a very representative work after the electronic music experiments. Other main works include for female chorus, chamber music and , Cello Concerto , for Pipa (Chinese Lute) and grand Chinese orchestra, and symphonic chorus , soprano and orchestra works ,< Music from the Tang Court >for Asian Instruments Group, Vocal, Organ and Orchestra , etc.