Go where our nation needs us most!
time: 2017-07-05

It's graduation season again.On July 3,2017,110 graduate students and 19 master students got their diploma from School of Arts.When the graduates first go to work they usually want to do the best to reflect themselves value.

Among these graduates,Huang Yu Long and Xu Bao Bin  volunteered to do their service in the western China after graduation.At this month,they will go to Lhasa (capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region)and get a training by
 Tibetan Autonomous Region government.Then they will be civil servant in Lin Zhi Region to support the construction of the border areas.

Graduate student Guan Liu Han chose to join the army,She is a sergeant of the People's Liberation Army garrison troops in Macao.

Now that they are able to construct country and defend our motherland, we are all proud of them.