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time: 2019-03-29


Space is an objective existing form of substances, and also an abstract concept of objects. Spatial development means the change and evolution of matters. While spatial governance is the result of a purposeful choice of possible evolution and makes influences on surroundings. The evolution from urban and rural planning to spatial planning means the work content expands to a much more general spatial category, from specific topics on space of urban and rural area. The change takes a profound transformation on the observation and research methods of urban planning. Planning institutes at national level have been restructured to "integrating functions on spatial planning, establishing a spatial planning system and supervising its implementation". Under the background of transformation of national macro-development strategy, it is a substantial task for the development and practice of urban and rural planning to explore how to launch a spatial governance system with essential spatial planning, which manages the major social, economic and environmental issues, solve the paradoxes of urbanizationand promote the modernization of the national governance system.



Integration and Reconstruction of Spatial Planning of Greater Bay Area

The construction of Greater Bay Area will play a leading role in China's economic development and spatial governance and cooperation development in the near future. With different economic development stages and diverse social management modes, the main challenges of spatial development of GBA is how to build a common strategic vision and stimulate an effective cooperation among different departments, cross-border areas and diverse governments at different levels and by various policy tools.

Here we invite experts and scholars from relevant areas in Europe and China, to have a discussion on topics like global experiences and inspiration of European spatial planning on cross-border cooperation, the construction of the spatial planning system in Greater Bay Area, the mode of cross-border area coordinated development and the spatial governance system, as well as the innovative path of cooperation system and mechanism.


Time: Tuesday, April 2,2019, 9:00AM - 17:30PM

Venue:The first floor, Multimedia classroom of Building NO.6



School of Architecture, SCUT.

State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science


Guangzhou Urban Planning Association