Lecture from Prof. Perry P. J. Yang(Nov. 9, 2018)
time: 2018-11-08

Title: Data Driven Urban Design

Speaker: Prof.Perry P. J. Yang

Time: Friday, Nov.9, 2018, 14:30p.m

Venue: The first floor, Multimedia classroom of Building NO.6

Organizer:  School of Architecture, SCUT.

Urban design is becoming data-driven in the context ofdata science, pervasive computing, internet of things (IoT) and urban automation. How does data science derive properties of complex urban systems as “general” principles or prescriptions for planning that are normally “contextual”? How do we contextualizetechnologies and data science for addressing social, institutional and physical problems? The emerging technologies are changing urban design, architecture and city planning professions in the post-cyber space era. Unlike the technological change of internet, a tabula rasa of virtual reality, the IoT and pervasive computing create a new paradigm of place making by integrating the physical and digital world, in which proximity, urban context and physical form of cities are crucial. The design of smart cities consists of homes, work places, public spaces and infrastructure systems that are becoming situational, and have to be more adaptable and resilient for future changes.

The talk will introduce recent works on a smart city sites for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics Games, Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Village design, Georgia Tech’s new global campus in Shenzhen and recent competition works in China.