Academician Prof. CHANG Qing talked about "Prototype and Evolution"
time: 2017-06-29

On the evening of June 2, 2017, Prof. CHANG QingChinese Academy of Sciences, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, was invited to give an academic lecture on Prototype and Evolution--the exploration of heritage inheritance and the deep thinking of the prototype concept at the International Reporting Hall of Liwu Science and Technology Building, South China University of Architecture, which attracted nearly 600 audiences from our school and other universities.

Academician CHANG analyzed the relationship between architecture and architectural heritage at first. He pointed out that the heritage and creation just like two sides of a coin and the task of architecture is to cast out the coin, which means that architecture is destined to play a roll of the protector of the architecture and the inheritor of the essence of heritage.

During explaining the prototype, academician CHANG believed that the prototype is a variety of cognitive, and life forms associated with the initial form of the building, including the shape, space form, and its order, symbol and other conceptual form.

In the end, academician CHANG believes that from the neoclassical to today, the historical environment of the building prototype problem is summed up in three different ways: 1. neoclassical stylized prototype, seeking reproduction forms; 2. modern classical structural prototype, seeking similar images; 3. structural prototype of shaped buildings, seeking strange contrast, i.e., alienation.